Welcome to Example Federation

Evelyn WatsonFederation Chairman

Devon with its spectacular coastline in the north and softer coastline in the South has one of the biggest Federations in the Country. Its beautiful countryside draws millions to holiday and thousands to retire to each year.

We have nearly 200 WIs scattered throughout the County  which provide friendship and fellowship in our towns and villages.

The Federation was founded in 1920 and reached it’s Centenary in 2020 (not the best of years in which to have done so!)

Our WI’s run their own activities based on a similar formula throughout the County with a monthly meeting combining speakers or activities and social interaction but the true situation is much different with most WIs having interest based activities outside of the more formal meetings. Members have the opportunities to meet up most weeks depending on their interests. Although the structure is the same across the Federation, the atmosphere varies enormously from WI to WI and the way to find which one suits you is to try several as a visitor (for a small fee) and joining that one! You can get a list of WIs near you by ringing 01392 255386.

The Federation offices are based just outside Exeter and were where, until Coronavirus struck, most Federation meetings were held, now with the use of zoom we can reach into the corners of our County at greater and greener speed!

We are in the process of  replacing our Website with a much better version so please keep checking in, the new one is on its way - in the meantime, consider looking at our Face book page!